Sea Kayaking

We offer both Full and Half day courses and cater for all levels of ability

Sea Kayaking

Half Day Trips

  1. Old Head Tour – travel from Garrettstown to The Old Head and see the caves that stretch from Hole Open Bay west to Hole Open Bay to the east under the Old Head golf course. See the stunning lighthouse from the water.
  2. Speckled Door to Old Head
  3. Harbour Tour. See Kinsale from a different perspective and admire the historic surroundings of Charles Fort and James Fort.

Full Day Trips

  1. Sandycove to Sovereign Islands
  2. Sandycove to Kinsale
  3. Kinsale to Sovereign Islands
  4. Sandcove to Speckled Door
  5. Garrylucas to Howes Strand